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World Malayalee Council

World Malayalee Center World Malayalee Center will be a meeting place of Malayalees from all over the World when they visit Kerala. It will have facilities like a reception lounge, large hall, small meeting rooms, residential rooms, cafeteria with authentic Kerala meals and the office of World Malayalee Council

Malayalee History Museum Malayalee History Museum is part of the World Malayalee Center where visitors get a glimpse of Malayalee History.Strike museum will be the institution for the acquisition, preservation and display of works of lasting artistic, historic and scientific value. There will be at least five main sections for the Museum display

Malayalee History Kerala history goes back to the epic story of Parasuraman, then the story of various kingdoms in Malabar, Cochin and Travancore. Attacks from outside like by Tippu Sultan. Trade with the Arabs, visit of Vasco da Gama, British, etc. up to the freedom movement, formation of Travancore Cochin and then Kerala